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Jews will Save the World

Submitted by Gershman on Sun, 06/16/2024 - 22:31

Jews will save the World not because they are particularly clever
But because the World is moving towards Catastrophe,
And if Jews do not save the World, the World will destroy the Jews.

IRGC’s Strategic Plan

Israel's defeat in the war

The Western civilization’s folly

Break the IRGC’s trap

«Scientized Israel» Project

Only Singaporeization will Save the ex-USSR Countries

Submitted by Gershman on Tue, 03/14/2023 - 06:45


By 2030, Ukraine will become a huge “Singapore” – the investment, innovation, and technology center of Eurasia.
By that time, Europe will be in a deep political, economic, and demographic crisis.
Tens of millions of migrants in Europe will cause radical chauvinism and mass violence.

The Scientific Way to Defeat Russia Politically

Submitted by Gershman on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 02:15
Under the slogan "Unification of the Russian World", the Kremlin seeks to take revenge for its defeat in the Cold War.
The strategic victory of Ukraine consists in establishing an alternative, peaceful social system in Russia.
The application of the "Technology for Reforming Russia" will stop the war in Ukraine within six months.

Fable 11

Submitted by Leon Weinstein on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 21:47

Common Sense Fables are just stories from the everyday life that awakening thinking process. "I think therefore I am" said Descartes (Cogito, Ergo Sum - in Latin). We at Kamerton.global understand it this way - If I am not thinking, I do not really exist. We want you all to exist and we beg you - think, think, think. Maybe this will make all of us happier, healthier, and much more tolerant.