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Putin's Dossier


Journalistic investigation of the criminal activities of the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, during his work in the city hall of St. Petersburg. A selection of materials for the Hague Court.


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Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 1

Mind-boggling takeoff of a nondescript KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin, nicknamed "pale moth"… and the consequences for his country and the world


Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 2

In 2002, journalist Oleg Blotsky, published “The Story of a Life," a series of interviews with people who knew Putin well. When the book came out, the Kremlin quickly removed the book from libraries, the Internet, and everywhere else.


Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 3

"All the facts, dates, and figures presented here are supported by documents..." – that’s how Marina Salieh began her 1993 report on why the food that was supposed to come to the city didn't come. That is, who stole the money allocated to the city, condemning the poorest part of the population to starvation to death? Who were those criminals?”


Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 4

The next move was drugs. The billions of dollars flow from Colombia and Afghanistan to Russia and from Russia to Europe… especially Germany. I am very curious – did Merkel know about this activity of her dear friend Vladimir?


Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 5

The will to kill individuals who knew too much, or murder large numbers of innocent civilians in order to dramatize why the country needed Vladimir Putin’s strong hand, would become the story of Russia’s next twenty-two years


Watch: Putin's Dossier - Part 6

In 2000, FSB General Ugryumov complained: "We had to blow up houses to put Putin in the Kremlin, how much blood should be shed to get him out of there?"