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Leon Weinstein

Writer, Blogger, Lecturer

Elena Clark
Jacob Fraden

Ph. D. in medical electronics and is the CEO of Advanced Monitors Corp., a company that produces medical and veterinary temperature sensors and monitors. Holds over 30 patents in the areas of sensing, medical instrumentation, consumer electronics, security, and others.

George Bardmesser

 Intellectual property attorney, contributor 

Vladimir Zelenko
Boris Zlotin a…

Boris Zlotin - Engineer, researcher, inventor, one of the leading theorists and methodologists of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)

Alla Zusman - Theoretical physicist, research engineer, master and theorist of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ).

Together, Alla and Boris were the closest collaborators and co-authors of 4 books of the creator of TRIZ Genrich Altshuller, they solved more than 30,000 inventive problems, they are the authors of many books and manuals on TRIZ, TRIZ pedagogy, architects of 12 TRIZ software. Today they are also pioneering work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Vladimir Frumkin
Tatyana Menaker
David Neporent

Engineer, Chief Designer of vortex flow meters for nuclear submarines (Akula and Kursk), dispensers for refueling strategic missiles (including Satan). Cybernetic, i.e. technical biologist.